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7 June 11


i started reading this really coo lblog that’s like way right from our area- PALO ALTO. i only went there (palo alto) one time and it looked pretty suburban, pretty like car-dependent, but you know, maybe they got some really in-touch bloggers there. you know, california.

and this recent post that she posted really touched me:

ffffuuuuuu i can totally relate to that.

it really reminded me of this really awesome book i read this one time

hahahahahahaha DONKEYS!!!!

that’s gonna be 5 second rule lady. she’s gonna be havin such a great experience riding a donkey.

she’s gonna be in that grocery store bein all “LF zaatar + slow ass internet” and after reading her post i got really really inspired and i made all these blingees.

aarrraaab grooocccerrrr ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ 

just lookin for zaatar and slow internet. just need some slow internet and szzatar - just don’t want any FAST internet. and if you don’t have any internet in your country, i don’t really want to visit you. cuz i am looking for 2 things:

1. slow internet

2. zaatar

cuz i don’t want my children to like actually live in deprivation without internet, i want them to learn something from this experience.

so i just want them to not like have full internet deprivation, but just like, learn to appreciate their really good internet connections. cuz I REMEMBER, let’s just say, that I REMEMBER, what it was like when internet was 56.6kbps and i know that my kids have been fortunate enough, here in palo alto, to not ever have had to experience that kind of world. so maybe going to this place where we can buy zaatar might help them learn about the value of their own fast internet connection THROUGH EXPERIENCING THE SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION. does that make sense?

i really also feel like despite the slow internet, they have ladies over there who could totally blog about all the great stuff they’re making over there. like we could really make a connection. i mean, look at this:

these ladies are hte original food bloggers, showing their technique via the best photography that they had available on their slr’s back in their time.

additionally. i feel like we can really bond over the most important meal of hte day: BREAKFAST. (yum!!!)

here are the slow internet ladies enjoying breakfast:

lol here’s palo alto breakfast:

and breakfast:

and breakfast:

and breakfast:

and breakfast:

i just feel like we have a lot of connections. we can really do something together. somethng with zaatar. despite their slow internet.

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