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8 June 11

internet space history map

guys i don’t think it’s that hard. it’s an internet space history culture time continuum.

here is the map with my concentric circles of culture, internet, space, history, and time:

as you can clearly see, there are 3 loci of fast internet that are at the peak of the history/geography winners circle. i have identified the borders of the time/internet space with easy to understand rectangle borders (pink). the arrows indicate the direction that history, culture, and evolution go. the slower the internet, the more your children learn about being poor and oppressed.

(*****you might have to take a bus on a dirt road with chickens to get to the places with the appropriate level of oppression for your children to really fucking learn.)

please note tho that at the very tips, outside the pink rectangles, you might run into places with no internet at all. these places are actually in the past if you line up where they fall on the culture/history/matrix. please avoid these places because your children need slow internet to learn, not no internet. also you don’t want to actually go in to the past. as the 5 second rule woman says in comments - "NEVER LEAVE YOUR LATTE BEHIND." so be careful. i hope my map is useful for you.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh