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14 July 11

jesus christ

well, it was inevitable. let’s just say that this shitshow got started as a group project where the other person fantastically failed to contribute (I KNOW YOU READ THIS. YOU ARE READING IT RIGHT NOW AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I STILL HATE YOU. WHEN ARE YOU NEXT COMING TO VISIT?). as a result, it has never been complete with only one contributor that attracts 3 readers. clearly the sole steward’s depression, apathy,¬†”drinking levels that would be considered normal in europe,”¬†apathy, dull dead eyes that stare vacantly slackward, typing fingers that rest delicately up the butt instead of on the keyboard, and other problems, are keeping this blog from reaching 5 readers.

so in the hopes of DOUBLING the posting schedule to perhaps once a week (or fewer i’m flexible!), if you, a reader, want to contribute in some way with your words or pictures, don’t fucking all stand up right now, but if you do, then you need to let me know.

requirements are:

  • nothing

although of course preferred candidates can easily imagine themselves in a meditterranean rural summer, half-rushing with that mediterranean enthusiasm at me barely holding on to a huge basket that’s spilling lulz all over the place and you try your best to keep all the luls in but they keep falling out! and you know, you want to bring the luls as quickly as possible so you’re doing that irregular hurried walk and laughing a little at the whole situation, but the faster you try to walk down that dusty dirt path, the more they just spill hilariously around! and it’s just a funny scene overall!

anyway, just write to me whichever way you prefer, even if you are some mystery 4th reader that i don’t know about, and we can have you making papaya blingees in no time flat.

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