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25 January 12

alcohol: scotch

movie: parents (1989)

this is the closest i’ve come to eraserhead since that first time. there’s nothing quite like indignant selfpity to stir one to blog.

apparently this young white woman is discovering really cool corners of the internet and compositing them into a really cool new phenomenon - single topic gimmick tumblrs. in fact, her coolest single topic tumblr is on people who take screenshots of themselves doing sl porn. she did this from may 30th to sept 21st 2011. and she appears to be not very tolerant of the wide panoply of human sexuality: “Awful stills from Second Life made for those who cannot get laid in First Life. ”

have we all not gotten high and trolled people’s flickrs who only post pictures of themselves in second life, preferrably the flickrs where it’s just pictures of them over and over, sometimes with their friends having fun, but mostly them? it doesn’t all have to be sexual, it’s enough that they like taking pictures of themselves.

it’s not like it’s been a hobby of mine since 2006.

but you know, that’s cool. a lot of things have happened since it’s been a while. for example, i found out that i am 1 degree of separation from the genius that runs my favorite food blog: specifically, i was in the same graduating high school class as the everday bang material that he calls his girlfriend. i don’t remember her very well except for one day after school when we were all waiting at the bus shelter and she was like “soo are you like supposed to be alternative?” it was a time, the pathetic 90s. it was definitely a time.

other than that, i’ve really lost the thread of things. i have a lot of saved drafts…one has the title “”this guy looks like the gross lovechild of charles manson and karl marx”” and the text “this post wass all about the night before new year’s eve at berkeley bowl, but since i am watching eyeborg on netflix instant aaaaand ” …not sure what that one was about, but eyeborg was ok. it wasn’t as good as that canadian movie where i think the aliens were made out of plants, or they were turning people into plants, or maybe the greenhouses were actually making alien plants that turned people into aliens.

other than that, heidi’s apparently making miso sesame winter squash and i guess in the 636 serious eats posts i haven’t read kenji j lopez alt has gone vegan? who would’ve thought amirite???? let’s just say that serious eats is the pork-eating self-righteous asshole husband who will tell you his really interesting thoughts about vegetables that he’s learned in the last 11 days as a vegan and is the “always looking for a great new easily-packaged salad for lunch” wife in the relationship - i certainly assume that everyone else reading this blog has been thinking of that relationship between these two blogs the same way.

and me? not much here. disheartened at the addition of the “dogs allowed?” category on yelp, attempting to replace the alcohol food group with sugar, eating ground oranges from the tree in my building’s yard - apparently it’s broken ground orange season!, feeling bad for “wonkette alum” juli weiner’s posts on vanity fair (definitely not the right venue for her astute food-related observations. i used to hate anyone that had a job at wonkette, but now i kind of like her because she is so clearly ill-suited to that crowd and because i’m jealous that she got a real photographer to take pictures of her array).

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