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4 November 11

posts i was gonna make

  • lol what’s that food like down at occupy wall street?
      - they already made a story like that :(
       - lol cafe gratitude had a truck down at occupy oakland
      - what does it mean that there’s a cafe gratitude INSIDE the whole foods that got vandalized in the course of some occupy oakland situations?
       - the 2 taco trucks down at the port that stayed open late were well rewarded with clean gringo dollars.
  • real things from the anonymous suggest box at my work
  • substantial pastries for busy teenagers
  • redwood creek winery totally revamped their brand imaging and logo
  • trying to not get pepperoncini on my sandwich from the deli
  • the problems with having different kinds of teas being too acidic for your system
  • what are some good side dishes for thanksgiving?
  • just pictures of trash on the street in san francisco, i have one that’s like a menu from some fancyass restaurant. and i shit you not there was a wrapper for little squirrel candy on the street in our neighborhood a week ago.
  • polenta stars
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